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High-End Car Wash Vacuums At Hand In Montreal

PB Vacuum Auto MTL specializes in the repair, sale, and installation of vacuum cleaners in Montreal. We provide our services to residents of Laval and Brossard as well.

Our staff members at PB Vacuum Auto MTL are experts in all types of vacuum cleaners. We know each and every part of those machines and, therefore, can advise customers according to their requirements.

We Supply For Your Business

When someone washes his car, he wants it to be clean both inside and outside. Yet, while washing the outside of the car is really easy, cleaning the interior is difficult. The best way to clean the interior of a car is by using a top quality vacuum. The car wash vacuum serves exactly that purpose.

At PB Vacuum Auto MTL, we supply and install high standard car wash vacuums reliably. If you operate a car wash business and you are looking for such products, consider visiting us soon. Our company supplies top quality industrial vacuums.

Quality Products Guaranteed

Our products at PB Vacuum Auto MTL are all of unmatched quality. The car wash vacuums that we supply, for instance, require no maintenance and no filter cleaning. They are equipped with a system that decreases the possibility of water and foam from reaching the engines. For your convenience, we offer three years of warranty on all our car wash vacuums.

« Great Performance, High Durability »

Why Choose Us?

  • We have over 25 years of experience
  • All our products are reliable and long-lasting
  • We sell refurbished branded products
  • We provide home services on appointment
  • We do not charge estimate fee
  • Our goal is to satisfy all our customers

Trust us to give you only the best.

Our priority - your satisfaction!