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Your Professional Vacuum Supplier In Montreal

Located in Montreal, PB Vacuum Auto MTL provides top quality vacuum cleaners. Our team of experts also gives excellent advice to customers regarding the most suitable product to choose according to their needs.

If you want to live in a dustless place, it is important to have the necessary cleaning equipment to keep your home neat. At PB Vacuum Auto MTL, we offer a wide range of top quality vacuum cleaners.

Our Excellence Lies In Our Skills

At PB Vacuum Auto MTL, we have a highly qualified staff at your service. Trust us to undertake the installation or repair of your vacuum cleaner in the most professional way. Our company was established over 25 years ago, and provides excellent services in the vacuum industry.

Why Choose An Experienced Supplier?

The installation or repair of a vacuum cleaner is not something simple. It requires experience and skills. A qualified supplier is trained to handle those tasks effectively.

At PB Vacuum Auto MTL, not only do we supply vacuums, but we master all the technicalities of those machines. We offer domestic vacuums for your convenience, and guarantee your satisfaction.

« Our Expertise Makes Us The Best »

We Supply

  • Car wash vacuum cleaner
  • Residential vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner accessories
  • Central vacuum cleaner
  • Commercial vacuum cleaner
  • Vertical vacuum cleaner

Choose the most appropriate vacuum.

Our priority - your satisfaction!